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Mental health is an emerging topic which is vital to our well being and self care. I have been working with a number of counsellors to create websites that bring them online to a whole new and wider audience. Counselling websites are incredibly important as it means people can find support quicker, more locally and shop around in a much more personal way.

Are you a counsellor looking to get online or revamp your existing online presence? Then here are some counselling websites I've completed to help you get inspired!

Lynette O'Sullivan Counselling


Design - multiple page, bright and light

Christina Therapy


Design - multi page, clear and concise

Honeysett Counselling


Design - multi page scrolling, interactive, dynamic



Design - multi page scrolling, friendly, engaging

Monika Bassani Counselling


Design - one page scrolling

Written by Debbie Burgess, founder of Doodle My Domain

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