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Basic Top Tips for Websites

1. Have a tight budget? Don't have an in house IT department? Use an online website builder. I'm biased towards Wix.com, as this is what I use with clients as they continue to develop their apps and set up based around feedback from customers and Wix Experts. But you can choose from a whole host of online website builders to create your own site.

2. Before you start designing - pause and make a map of your customers journey through your website from the beginning to the end. This will help inform you what pages you need within the website, which in turns will help you shape your written content/message.

This will save you hours of trial and error, changing content and completely restarting, resulting in lost time.

3. Use a template and go from there. Online website builders come with some fantastic, quality and highly professional templates - research and pick one that suits your business, adapt it to how you need it.

4. Key words within your text content and image tagging are the foundations for your business in being found by search engines. The engines send out 'bots' to crawl your website and takes note of the words you use and how to profile your website in it's search results.

To get started, here is a great article about finding the right keywords.

5. Hire an expert (website designer) to give advice, help you give the website the finish you need. They don't have to be involved the whole way and you can budget based on your requirements.

This is how I have come to work with a number of businesses, as they seek to finish off the creation of their website but just need a hand over the finishing line.

If you are looking for more in depth advice and training - check out my one day workshops.


Debbie is the founder of Doodle My Domain, a Wix Expert, website designer in Ashford, Kent, UK.

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