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To blog or not to blog?

Recently a friend pointed out to me that I was listed on the first page at No4, of Google for bloggers in Ashford, Kent. See the picture above - it's true!

Now it won't take long for you to realise... I rarely blog at all - having only written one in 2018 until this one here! So how did I become so highly ranked for this search?

Every client I work with - I always talk about having dynamic content on their website. Why? Because such things as a blog, social media feeds, booking systems, events, adding pages or products - all contributes to search engines identifying your website to be legit, verifiable and something worth sharing with search engine users.

By using dynamic content, you are also increasing the opportunity to use 'key words' - which you will soon learn that these can act like keys and open doors for you to being found online. Search engines find key words and 'mentally take a note of them' for reference when someone types in a search query.

Every word, link, image tag creates a trace - for good or bad - that the search engines can then find with their 'crawlers'. So before you say no to any dynamic content on your website - commit to the long term plan and say yes! It will benefit your business and ultimately you.


Debbie is the founder of Doodle My Domain - Website Designer in Ashford, Kent and also a Wix Expert

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