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Website Launch: China Farm Barn Bed & Breakfast in Canterbury

This month saw the new website launch of China Farm Barn which is a highly regarded bed and breakfast in Canterbury.

It's not often I get to design a website 'from scratch', as I'm either redesigning or updating existing websites on a day to day from current clients.

China Farm Barn is a new business and have been in operation for a number of months utilising sites such as Booking.com and Airbnb, the founder and owner Anna decided it was time for her to have a business website where people could browse and book directly as business has been go so well.

Keen to keep her branding of the B&B's rooms - the colours of Farrow and Ball where used to carry across the class, elegant and modern look.

Anna also took inspiration for the font from the Guardian newspaper, offering a sense easy reading whilst also inline with the branding.

It's not often I get to actually meet clients, having now worked with clients in the USA, Ireland, Sri Lanka and all over the UK - as Anna was so local, we could meet up at her B&B.

My impression - the place has a great sense of history, with the old building structure, features aplenty and an orchard next door, it's beautifully decorated, and has a 'old school' feel with a very much modern take. I look forward to a weekend break there in the future, as not only is the place beautiful on Booking.com it scores a 9.5 out of 10 which is exceptional!

Why not check the website out:



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