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New Website Release | Fran Penberthy

It's always exciting to be able to officially tell others of another website release! I've been working with Fran Penberthy over the last few months, giving her website a complete overhaul to reflect the amazing person she is and the great things she is able to offer the world!

Fran is a lifestyle and health vlogger, blogger, kitchen detoxer and course runner... just to name a few. She was looking to make her website accessible, user friendly, functional so that advice could be easily found and applied, and also a place to develop her online courses.

Jump to her website to take a look: www.franpenberthy.com

Fran had a clear vision as to the colours she loves and the message the website needed to send to her viewer. So based around this we worked together in selecting images, page flow, and call to action options. From her past blog, these were updated into Free Resources, integrating her Facebook Live videos, and start a new blog with her shiny new website.

The project has been a real joy, as Fran has embraced the process and really learning about how to use the internet to build her business. She is full of life, energy, and hope!

Design learning curves

With every website project, there always comes a learning curve (argh!). Fran needed a way of selling her online courses, without having to make a hefty subscription to a website that does this for you. We decided to see whether we could use her currently mailing method - via MailChimp.

This was my first time working with MailChimp to build an online course subscription and payment process. The depths of MailChimp is vast and features are many! The use of the automated mailing system allows for course content to be sent without having to be hands on all the time, yet flexible enough to create exceptionally personalised content.

In combination with MailChimp, is PayPal, which as a business tool has been excellent as I could content the applications in the background, to allow any customers to manage the process without concern on the website.

I love solving a good problem - and this has been a great challenge!

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