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New website | Susan Hall Care Consultancy

Susan Hall Care Consultancy

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Susan Hall, who had been thrust into the life of the self employed and needed a quick turnaround on getting an website up and running. The beauty of this product was that Sue had a clear vision of what she needed but was open to my interpretation for how it could look. Together we created www.susanhallcareconsultancy.com and we are both very pleased with the outcome.


The original brief was that the website needed to give Sue what is effectively an 'online business card' and general presence. With this in mind she wanted it to convey her professionalism and spread her 'net' to the South East England to increase the opportunity for drawing in work.


We worked on building her brand in terms of colour choice, shapes and images.


As you can see in the logo above, the colour is bright, fresh and timeless. Considering that colours carry great emphasis and emotion, I went for a gender neutral tone and gives a calm/reassuring emotion - that as a Consultant, conveys confidence to the client. The use of white also adds a clinical edge which is relevant to the type of work and settings Sue would be working within.


Susan Hall Care Consultancy | Designed by Doodle My Domain

We sat and had a chat about 'shapes' that Sue best liked and for what reason. It may seem a random topic to discuss! But this influences the final outcome of the thumbnail/image that was then picked. Ask yourself, what shapes do you prefer? Ultimately you want your logo/thumbnails etc, to reflect you and your business. So as a starting point, as a designer this gave me an idea of what design approach to use and what shapes and images to consider, and which others to disregard for this project.


It was decided to keep the images in keeping with the care industry and also report writing. This was to maintain a flow in continuity from the business name, focus and client engagement. The images used, with exception of Sues photos, are focused on the topic, yet broad enough to allow the viewer to add their knowledge and experience to form the meaning of them. Using this technique is very important with this websites due to the broad range of client base Sue would be accessing. The danger of using very specific images, is that the viewer can instantly see it, make an assumption thinking website is not aimed at me, and before you know it, the have moved on to find another consultant elsewhere.



Sue knew exactly what content she needed, and had already written it out into it's various sections, and from this we spoke about layout and presentation. This made the process very straight forward and already as we spoke, I was imagining how the information needed to be laid out, with a modern edge.


We also agreed from the outside a video 'about Sue', would be very beneficial to her business website. Despite Sue's initial hesitation about the thought of being filmed, she jumped on board. We are in a era where videos rule, and are what people are most engaging with. Photos after that, text last. So Sue went away and wrote her script, I came back and completed the video shooting, followed by minor edits and addition of her logo, and hey presto, we had the video.


Susan Hall Care Consultancy | Designed by Doodle My Domain

I designed Sue a business card, as a physical means to pass on her contact details and to give out to contacts and potential clients.

Incorporating her thumbnail/logo into the design of the card to build brand consistency from her website, to her business cards, to her paperwork.

I then set up an invoice, letterhead and other various administrative items that required the application of the logo and contact information.

Susan Hall Care Consultancy | Designed by Doodle My Domain

All the while, keeping the look and content in line with her business focus, which ultimately is Sue's passion for good quality care for people who need support.

Jump over the Sue's website to have a looked at the finished article:



If you are in need of a website and would like to know more, why not get in touch today? Via info@doodlemydomain.co.uk or www.doodlemydomain.co.uk

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