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5 Reasons why you need a great looking website for your business!

It is estimated that 40-50% of the worlds population, approximately 3.2 billion people (in 2015) use the internet. When you look further into the areas in which the majority of people come from, in the UK for example, 89% of people had used the internet in the last 3 months!

Now I know stats are not the be all and end all, but as a general idea - these figures are huge! In the current financial climate, and the level of competition you might be facing, you need to be online with a website, and a great looking one at that.

So with that in mind... if you need further convincing, here are 5 reasons why you need a great looking website.

1. It's the modern day equivalent to the Yellow Pages/Yell

Back in the day, you may remember it, in order to find a local company to solve your problem you went to the Yellow Pages (business directory). You would flick through to the right category and hey presto ring the company.

Having a great looking website, means you are not only online on the 'online directory' which search engines trawl through, but also means your website stands out from those around it. For example, having the full page add in the paper directory - the one that no one could miss!

If you want to be found by half the world and almost 90% of people in the UK, get a great looking website.

2. It's all about the ability to window shop online

In 2016, people in the UK spent a massive £133 billion online!! People are now window shopping both purposely and indirectly (for example, Facebook targeted ads), resulting in also buying more and more online.

When looking for a 'product', we browse, search, filter, read reviews, research, break down that information, and then take action. So just think as your website as on the online 'high street' for what ever you are trying to promote. Is it a shop people are going to walk past and not notice, or one that once people see it they go in, make a purchase and tell others about?

Whatever you are trying to 'sell' as idea, a way of living, a product, etc, being online is vital. Not only do you need to be 'online', but you need to outsmart and look more enticing than your competitors. In an era of the physical high street stores being in decline, this is why you need to make your online shop window look great.

3. People skip rubbish websites to find a 'quality' and 'reliable' one elsewhere

How often have you visited a website, looked at the quality of it and thought - I'm not bothering here and happily skip back to your search results to look at other options? I know I do this all the time. With the ease of jumping between website online - your first impression has to be great!

It needs to be engaging, professional, eye catching, have a 'hook' that encourages the viewer to think, 'I'd like to look further'. So whether you have built your own website or had a website designer produce it; get friends, family, colleagues, trusted professionals to review and critique it. Would they stay on your website - or look elsewhere? A great looking website will mean viewers will carry on looking at your website!

4. It set's you apart from your competition.

Now, this might seem simple - but have you looked at your competitions websites? What do you like, what don't you like? When you ask friends and family to look at them - what do they think? Get to know your competition to see what you need to do in order to compete with them.

If you are going to have a basic template website, or pay minimal money to have the website completed - can this compete with you competition? If not - then invest more! Maybe more time, more money, more research and planning, what ever you need in order to execute a great looking website that will set you above your competition. A great looking website, will make a great first impression!

5. It sets the tone for your business ethos/values/expectations.

Every website carries a tone, a feel, an ethos. What does yours say about you? About your business? About the way in which you conduct business?

What are the vision and values of your business and does that match up with the look of your website and it's content?

A great looking website - not only looks great but also has; spot on content, reflects your vision and values and conveys all this in a instant when people view your website!


If you need help with your current website or you are about to embark on designing one - get in touch! I provide a professional approach, great communication, great looking website design, and essential SEO support. Find out more at www.doodlemydomain.co.uk.

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