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I.Love.Canva. I have used this online design tool from the outset. Canva.com is innovative, up and coming, continually improving and developing around it's users needs.

FYI, I have no vested interest, this isn't a advertising plug and I don't get money, this is just my favourite tool that I use and I recommend to my clients.

Why do I love it? Because it is simple to use, easy to learn, and quick to deliver quality.

What is it? Canva is a FREE graphic design tool. At it's core is drag and drop features, giving you the options to create your own canvas size, or choose templates. Then in addition to this you have a stock of free and priced photos/illustrations, examples of text layouts/fonts to spur your imagination or enjoy being lazy. Then on top of this they keep adding new features such as charts, icons, GIF creations, shapes, business registration, branding... the list goes on.

What if you are a designer newbie? Go try it out... now... for real, why are you waiting?! Whether you are producing school projects, creating social media image/marketing material, designing banners for print, blah blah blah... - Canva can do it.

Select the size of image you are after, if you'd like to use a template - bing, they are over there on the left of your new canvas! Start dragging and dropping in different elements, edit or add text, click download - voila, done.

What if you are a designer oldie? Canva speeds up tasks, to save you time, money and mental energy. It's quick options for download into PDF for print and PNG/JPEG with transparent background whilst maintaining quality is spot on. They also now have a phone app that allows you to create on the move.

There must be con's? There are a few areas that still need improvement - for example adding titles to each page created within the same project - but they listen to feedback and continue to update the site, which to me says - hey, let's fix this, we are in it together.

Overall, as a freebie (or if paying for the business account) you get gold in exchange for your login details.

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