frequently asked

Is your help worth my investment?

If you need to speed up the publishing of your website, if you need advice as you are starting to struggle, if you need to be focusing your attention and energy into your idea rather than the website, absolutely it with worth the investment. doodle my domain looks to help make your life simpler and help you spread the load, yet with a quality finish. If you haven't done already, please see Services for the costs.

Why use an online website builder?

Traditionally, when people have wanted a website, they would employ someone with skills in coding and various tools such as html, text, and css etc. Requiring a more lengthy process to achieve quality looks. Over the last few years, 'online website builders' have come to the forefront, allowing you to build and design your own website, which means you can get it just how you'd like without sparing the fun features, or having to email someone whenever you needed something changed. Online website builders can still be tricky to master, and lengthy to understand the full set of tools available. To get you started, here are the recommended best online website builders for 2017, and then get in touch with doodle my domain to help you and why not have a look at my video and my portfolio.

What if I'm rubbish with technology?

Don't worry! All I need to work with you, is for you to have an interest in technology and the internet and we can make things happen. I would suggest that the service for your is 'Build & Design' alongside 'Teaching' to give you the look you are after and the confidence you need to manage your website in the long term. Still not sure? Just get in touch and we can see if we can make things happen!

How can you help me?

Are you a start up business? Or looking to have a freshen up of your website? Are you wanting to ultimately take charge of your website and the content? Then yes, I can help you! I work with you by using an online website builder to give you a great quality website that sets you apart from your competition. Depending on the service you choose, depends on the amount of input given. The best way is to get in touch and we can chat about your ideas.

How are search engines used?

With online website builders they allow you to input information called SEO's (Search Engine Optimisation). This basically means this increases the chance of your website and details being found and prioritised correctly on search engines. Under the services provided, I offer Teaching which means fundamentals like SEO knowledge can be passed onto you for future use.

What if I have no images/videos to use?

Don't worry! The great aspect of using online website builders is that they come with their own 'stock' images/videos, and often you can also buy other images/videos they may offer. doodle my domain can also source the type of media you are after and also work with you to look at how to produce your own images/videos or access stock media effectively. This is covered under Teaching service.

How quickly is a project completed?

This varies depending on how complex you would like your website to be. Some websites can be completed in 1-2 days or 30 days from start to finish, others will take a few hours as only needed the Build service. So depending on what you need, how quickly you need it, and what look and functionality you would like all changes the amount of time it will take. Get in touch to get an estimate.

How long do you take to reply?

For initial enquiries within 2 days (unless on holiday!).​ This gives me time to take on board any information, and prepare to advise accordingly when getting in touch with you. Please give a concise overview of your project, questions and what method is best to get in touch (email, phone, text). Get in touch here!

Can I have a hand picked package with various services you provide?

Absolutely! Just give me a call or send over an email and we can chat through your needs and what would work best for your project/business.

Do you value confidentiality/online security?

Without a doubt, it is the absolute priority to my service. All information that is shared and gained is kept confidential and securely, and used within the prior agreed terms.


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